Merchmedia Now - Was scamed of $2500.00


We were searching for a broker to help us with funding for opening a restaurant.We found MerchMedia Now threw a local listing on Craig's List.

We did a search on Google and found their web site which mostly didn't work. We did not find anything bad about them though and being they were local we contacted them. The next day we was contacted by a Mr.Tom Cable who said he thought he could help us. We filled out some paper work and in a couple days he contacted us and said that he could do the loan.

We met again in Nashville to sign the loan proposal and pay $2500.00 for application fee and good faith payment. After this all we got was emails saying everything was going good. When we questioned what company he was going threw and what was the terms, he would never answer those questions. This process went on for nearly four months with out any info other than every thing is going good.

In our contract it stated we could get our money back any time before final papers were signed. The refund would take 7 to 10 business days. We requested the refund Nov 27, 2013 and I'm writing this on Dec 19, 2013, we still have not received the refund. Mr.

Cable only responds with the funds have been sent.

We asked to confirm the address it was sent to but he refuses to tell us that info.This place is a scam and needs to be put out of business.

Review about: Broker.

Merchmedia Now - Called a lier and scamed us out of $7500.00


tried to borrow money for a business.Went as far as signing proposed offer contract.

Was told for months that everything was going good with our loan. We also paid $7500.00 for supposedly down payment or good faith payment. We complained about it taking so long and not being updated about the progress of loan other than everything going great.

We was told that this load was difficult to do (first we heard of this) and they would gladly stop and give our money back so we decided to cease the process.Now we were told we couldn't get our money back.

Review about: Business Loans.

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